Joltin' Joe Biden Rides Again

So, you've probably seen the photo. Hot Air has a caption contest. Here are some amusing entries:

The Clinton Bounce gone a little to far.

Just three words for you baby, made in the USA!”

I can be a lot more flexible after Obama loses the election .


Texan99 said...

That last one's a doozy.

Gringo said...

SlowJoe is correct: USA is not a word, but a country. :)

DL Sly said...

"I can be a lot more flexible after Obama loses the election."

Cause my Viagra prescription will be in limbo until they repeal Obamacare and I get my regular health coverage back.

E Hines said... Viagra prescription will be in limbo....

But that's actually OK. Viagra makes you see blue, instead of the true black, and so it's a racist drug.

Eric Hines

Nicholas Darkwater said...

I'll go you one better:

bthun said...

Our "I suspect that I have a higher IQ than you"VP joked today the very attribute by which Obama sold him to the left/rabble/gullible/ components of the electorate in '08.

Ha ha...

The man is a blowhard and a buffoon.

DL Sly said...

"...Viagra makes you see..."

Ummmm....these things I would not know.