In Which We Learn that President Putin Really Is Brave

We've all seen the galleries of Putin photography. The man is a master of the art -- or else he employs one.

But until today, we didn't realize how much actual courage he had.
A lot of Russians had been skeptical about President Putin's highly publicized displays of environmental daring. They thought the tiger looked a little glassy-eyed, and suggested he might have been trucked in from a zoo.

"But I thought up these tigers myself," Mr. Putin said. "Twenty other countries where tigers live also started taking care of them. ... The leopards were also my idea. Yes, I know they were caught before but the most important thing is to draw public attention to the problem."

The president also confirmed that a stunt last year, in which he appeared to dive to the bottom of the Black Sea and discover ancient Greek artifacts, had been staged.

"Well of course they were planted!" he said. "Why did I dive? Not to show my gills off, but to make sure people learn history. Of course it was a set up."
Now that's courage. "Lightning threat? Nonsense. We just couldn't fill the space."

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douglas said...

From the link:
"There was a joke in the old Soviet Union about the two state-run Moscow newspapers, Pravda (truth) and Izvestia (news). There is no truth in news, Russians used to say to each other, and there is no news in truth."

Getting truer every day.