I can't help but notice that all these places are in big cities. I was always taught that the best barbecue was sought on the road.

Try this one, for example, if you're ever up in northwest Georgia. If you're traveling north from Atlanta, swing off I-75 on I-575, then take GA 372 until you see the sign for the little town of Ballground. There's a little back road off 372 that will take you to Two Brother's Barbecue, home of great ribs and tangy sauce, and good ice cream too.

Any good ones that you folks have found on the back roads?

UPDATE: Another one you might try is Backwoods Barbecue, up Long Branch road near Dahlonega. If you're coming from Atlanta, take Georgia 400 to the end and keep going straight when the superhighway ceases, and the two-lane blacktop begins. It's only open on the weekend, though.


bthun said...

Two Brothers is good BBQ.

I may have to work in a road trip to 2 bros soon.

I've definitely got to get my half-a-beef order put in.

MikeD said...

I don't know about "best" but Sconyers BBQ in Augusta is pretty darn good. He wasn't much of a mayor, but he makes some damn fine slow roasted pig.

Anonymous said...

I love Fresh Air in Jackson. Been going there since I was a wee little girl. Always great.

DL Sly said...

The absolute best BBQ in the country is always in your own back yard guys.

E Hines said...

The absolute best BBQ in the country is always in your own back yard guys.

Well, in that case, I'm in favor of Burger King's Triple Whopper with Cheese and Bacon, a Large Fries, and two (in honor of hizzoner in NYC) highly sugared 32oz sodas.

Love that flame-broiled. Even the BX at Langley had trouble getting it wrong.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

Adam's Rib, Garden City, KS. Does KC-style, meaning it is sweeter than Texas but also a little hotter, depending on the meat.

Blue Ribbon BBQ in Santa Fe, NM. Fantastic smoked meats and 6 sauces, all on the side, ranging from Carolina to Texas style. I don't care for the white sauce, but even their Carolina vinegar sauce is pretty good.


Grim said...

KC-style is surprisingly good, when I've had it. I thought the only thing good in the midwest was the roads leading out, but I've since learned that there are a couple of exceptions.