Merry Men

You know what?  Mr. Hines makes it clear to me that we are not having enough fun around here. Elections are serious business, almost a revolution every four years; but the primaries are over, and the finals are far away. It's time to take a step back, and not let the political order our lives for us.

The rest of the week until next Monday, no more politics except in the comments to posts below.  November will come soon enough, and we've got September and October to deal with it all as well.  I charge all of you with posting rights to come up with something fun between now and Sunday.  We've fought enough for a while.  It's time to be merry.

Even if a war starts between now and Sunday, we'll deal with it in God's good time.

This recording makes Brett's words hard to make out, though you can hear the strings clearly. Let's have it from the Clancy Brothers.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

I used to tell the story that every folksinger had had a drink with Tommy Makem, so it was a hollow boast. Then my brother married a girl who was best friends with one of the daughters and been in the house (coastal NH) all through HS. She wasn't amused, and I've been careful where I've said it since.

Never knew him myself. I've had a drink with other Irish folksingers, but the most common one was never in my path.

Grim said...

I never had the pleasure, or the honor; but I have been around Brett Blackshear (the fellow in the Jester cap) a few times. He's a highly talented musician in spite of his penchant for strange headware. And he can do blues as well.

His favorite instrument, which apparently I was not alone in thinking to be a mandolin, is actually a bousouki. It has a very rich sound.