Experts Wonder: Can We Make Cars Hacker-Proof?

Apparently this is a hard question. Let me provide an answer. If we're talking about 'hackers' in the computer-centric sense, as the article seems to be, yes, you can. Here are several examples of cars completely immune to computer hackers:

Ford Mustang, 1968

Dodge Charger R/T, 1970

Hot Rod Lincoln

By virtue of which, see here and here, and also below:

You know what else is hacker-proof? My motorcycles. Not a computer on the things anywhere.

So yeah, it can be done. The results look pretty good from where I sit.


karrde said...

From my vantage point in the bowels of the CarBiz...

I agree.

Those examples are the epitome of automobiles that are secure from hacking by computer.

Not that it is impossible for a skilled person to open a locked example (without a key), or get one to start (also without a key).

Grim said...

That's right. If you read 'hacker' more broadly, well, there's no getting around them. But, you know, you do what you can do.

MikeD said...

As one of my Drill Sgts at Basic told me, "A lock isn't there to keep a thief out. He'll go right through that lock without slowing down. It's there to keep an honest person from becoming a thief."

bthun said...

I'm still hanging on to this one, it suits me, and this one, the economy car at the hovel.

I am getting the itch to get another pickup and maybe another project car, maybe something large, with a drop top, from the 1950's. Yup, something for cruising after the apocalypse. Just in case I ever do catch the tail end of that honey-do list.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, perhaps the penalty for hacking automotive computers should be 1) driving a Pinto for two years in D/FW metroplex or 2) being required to drive the Interstates in Denver in a Yugo with bad head gaskets. The hacker will either reform his or her ways, become a devout member of a religion ("dear Lord, please may I not turn into a hood ornament"), or will cease to consume oxygen.

Why yes, I did have to drive on I-25 in Denver in an underpowered rental car one afternoon. How can you tell?