Freedom, guns, and butter

Steyn is irresistible this week:
Americans, so zealous in defense of their liberties when it comes to guns, are cheese-surrendering eating-monkeys when it comes to dairy products.  On the roads, on the cheese board, in health care, in banking privacy, and in a zillion other areas of life, many Europeans now have more freedom than Americans. 
For the record, I'm consistent in these matters — I want it all:  assault weapons and unpasteurized Camembert, guns and butter.  Certainly, cheese makes a poor attitudinal rallying cry:  "I'm proud to be a Frenchman, where at least I know my Brie!"


raven said...

I would settle for a SF 260 with hardpoints for mini guns and rockets. Also a nice aged sharp provolone....

Stelio Frati designed some very nice aircraft- like the F8 Falco, all wood construction.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I much prefer hard cheeses. Runny, smelly food makes me a little nervous.