With All Due Respect, Have You Gentlemen Lost Your Minds?

InstaPundit approvingly cites Walter Russell Mead:
Air conditioning in warm regions uses far less energy than heating in cold regions. 
So if you want to help save the planet, move out of Vermont and get yourself to Alabama where people know how to live in harmony with Mother Gaia. Moving out of New England could be the purest form of environmental activism; your selfish, earth destroying choice of living in Massachusetts in killing us all. And as for Canada, Gaia’s message is clear: shut it down, now. The Germans for their part could help the planet by moving to Spain and Greece; this might also help with Europe’s financial woes. 
Perhaps the blue model politicians whose tax and spend policies are driving businesses and residents out of their states are smarter than they look. They could be green activists, steadily working to save the earth by driving people out of the northeast. We look forward to green activists introducing legislation in Congress to levy new taxes on those whose choice to live in cold states imposes costs on the more virtuous and eco-friendly inhabitants of Texas and South Carolina.
It only seems fair. You do care about the planet, don’t you?
Am I seriously reading a professor from South Carolina and another from Tennessee suggesting that what we need is for more Yankees to move down South?  Is this what you want for the good people of Alabama?

(I haven't forgotten you, Raven!  But still:  Bernie Sanders voters moving to Alabama?  Madness.)


bthun said...

Ceaseless Climate Change, no problem.

Economic Armageddon, c'est la vie.

Zombie apocalypse, I'm prepared and ready...

"what we need is for more Yankees to move down South?"

Now I'm worried!

Anonymous said...

Look what the Yankees did to Atlanta (the second time)! And what they're doing to Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston (OK, Houston's always been . . . unique) and Austonio. No, thanks, please, even if you want to save the planet, do it at home.

And I seem to recall that the Spanish and Italians were not too pleased the last (how many times?) that Germans and Scandinavians came to stay.


Joel Leggett said...

No thanks. I am cool with letting the little Yankee hypocrites stay where they are.

raven said...

Look, let's make a deal- if the commies pack up, I'll drive 'em if ya'all will shoot 'em. Sorta like they hunt pheasants in England .With beaters. Target rich environment and all that.
You know, there is one thing that makes me happy about Vermont (besides maple syrup and the Green Mountains and the memories of skinny dipping in a white marble quarry with lovely ladies , but I digress...)
and that is the fact the lib's must just have a fit with the no permit, no license, no registration carry of firearms, concealed or open-the law or lack thereof, must be a relic from the Revolution or something.
and one more thing- ya'all better start running down the family tree and place of origin of the Prof's, sounds like the infiltration is well under way...

Grim said...

Hey, I don't want to shoot them! I just want them to stay in Vermont. :)

Seriously, this is one reason I've always supported a return to a strong Federalism. I don't hate left-liberals, or even Vermont socialists. I don't think they're bad people, or want them to be unhappy in America. I just think that they're wrong about everything, and I don't want to live under the rules they would prefer.

If they'll stay in Vermont, they can run things however they like for as long as they can afford it. All I ask is that they don't move to South, don't try to impose their views on the South or the West via Federal laws, and don't ask the Federal government to bail out their socialist programs when they inevitably bankrupt the state.

In return, I'm happy to agree not to try to use the Federal government to impose Southern mores on Vermont; and not to move further north than, say, Virginia (unless I'm west of the Mississippi, in which case nobody in Montana or Alaska is likely to mind my company all that much).

bthun said...

"Seriously, this is one reason I've always supported a return to a strong Federalism."


Shorthand: If you're minding your business, you're not minding mine.

Eric Blair said...

Well, the whole thing is pretty obviously a trolling--much along the lines of that graph showing the decline of pirates and rise of global warming.

While I suppose it is true on the face of it about the actual energy costs and so forth.

The thing is there to beat the usual suspects about the head and shoulders with.

Cognitive dissonance and all that.

douglas said...

Technically then, everyone should be moving to the desert Southwest- the dryer climate is even more efficient then the sweatbox of the South. Not that we need more lefty loons in California unless we're aiming to accelerate ourselves to the cliff edge so as to get it over with.