Mark the Jews

CUNY has an idea.
Touting a move to make its faculty more diverse, CUNY administrators have broken out Jews into a separate minority group: “White/Jewish.”
Two questions:

1)  How does CUNY "make its faculty more diverse" by changing how the same set of people are labeled?

2)  Why wouldn't Jews want to be clearly labeled?  It's not like this is some unheard-of reform that's never been tried before.

Actually, one more question:  how do we mark Sammy Davis, Jr.?

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bthun said...

1) Diversity and conflict, or valuing differences seminars --after a few of those, I'd rather have the conflict-- seem to go cheek by jowl. Divide, conquer. I think I'd rather we limit our diversity classifications to but two, U.S. citizen and Other.

2) Today the classification, tomorrow the tatoo.

"Actually, one more question: how do we mark Sammy Davis, Jr.?"

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