Setting the Bar:

It is very rare that a man should be at once under consideration for both the Medal of Honor, and sainthood.

There seems to be only one other example, which I owe to Deltabravo's posting in the comments of BLACKFIVE.  Even looking outside the United States, to degrees on par with the Medal of Honor, there are perishing few.  Joan of Arc, Alfred the Great -- him to only some Catholics -- perhaps Olaf or Edwin of Northumbria, perhaps St. George, and not many others.

It's a rare company.


raven said...

Thanks for posting this- What an inspiration.

douglas said...

"By February and March, the majority of us had turned into animals, were fighting for food, irritable, selfish, miserly," recalled Captain Robert Burke in a 1954 letter to Father Arthur Tonne, a Kansas priest who compiled anecdotes about Kapaun.

"The good priest continued to keep a cool head, conduct himself as a human being, and maintain all his virtues and ideal characteristics.

"When the chips were down, Father proved himself to be the greatest example of manhood I've ever seen in my life."

Indeed, the sort of man we raise to sainthood. There had to have been a few miracles in that camp, but I suppose we won't know for a few years if the Vatican finds him to meet the standard.