Sword-Fighting Restaurant Owner Defeats Robber

What I really like about this story is that it makes no attempt to explain why there was a sword around.  Why would it be newsworthy to find a sword in the restaurant?

The other thing about it is the sidebar listing similar stories of sword attacks.  There are a dozen of them from Florida alone.

Via FARK (of course).


E Hines said...

I do confess to being curious about why, with the sword already applied to the apparent assailant's stomach, our hero then allowed that assailant to bring the tire iron to bear.

I also noticed in one of those "related" stories that a woman remains in jail on a $25k bail after threatening her husband with a sword. Oddly, the husband apparently has declined to post the bail....

Eric Hines

Lars Walker said...

Years back, when I lived in Florida, there was a news story about a young man who went amok with a sword, finally charging the police with it, whereupon they shot him to death. News photographs revealed the sword to be a "Highlander" replica katana. So I assume he thought he was an Immortal.

DL Sly said...

"What I really like about this story is that it makes no attempt to explain why there was a sword around."

Because, obviously, no explanation is needed.
*says the woman with eight swords (although, to be honest one is MH's USMC sword) and a plethora of other bladed weaponry*

I remember that story, Lars. It caught my attention way back when because I just aquired my own Highlander sword shortly before that. One of these days I'm gonna carve myself a new handle and replace the cheap plastic one. The main reason I bought it was it was a steal of a price for the 440 stainless, full-tang blade they put inside that cheap plastic knock-off handle.

Eric Blair said...

Florida has its own tag on FARK.com somehow, this fits.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't every seafood restaurant have a cutlass hanging on the wall?


bthun said...

I lived in Boca Raton and Melbourne Beach during various times in my youth, so the FARK observation, while spot on, resulted in sandwich particulate on my monitor.

bthun said...

While puttering around outside I recalled reading a review in a magazine called GUN-TEST that might explain why some folks opt to pack a tire-iron or use broken swords and the poor mans dirk... a screwdriver.

Ah yes, here is the first page of that review. The tester accurately assesses the relative worth of three of the more economical pocket pistols in 9mm.