A gram of silver is currently worth about a dollar.  Thus a silver coin weighing about one and a half grams is worth about a buck and a half.

Unless it was minted by Charlemagne for his coronation, in which case it is apparently worth €160,000.  That is $213,072 at what Google is giving as the current rates.

I expect it would be hard to make change.

(H/t: Medieval News).


Texan99 said...

I was just reading about how, not too long after C's coronation, practically all the silver whooshed out of Europe into the hands of Viking raiders, in the form of tribute.

DL Sly said...

"I expect it would be hard to make change."

Unless you're JHD lookin' to buy a boat. Then it's just a down payment.

Grim said...

Well, naturally. I doubt the coin would pay for the contents of the wine cellar on his yacht.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

They are worthless. I must've put five of those things into the washing machines at the laundromat, and couldn't get 'em to do a damn thing.