Snow in Rome, Pipes in Florida

It's been such a warm winter here that, even with this week's short cold spell, I've kind of assumed that the winter was warm everywhere.  My sister sends pictures of the snowfall in the Tetons, so I know it's not warm everywhere; but I suppose I figured it was probably 'warm for the Tetons in winter.'

Apparently this is an unusually snowy winter in Italy, however!

(Hat tip to Medieval News, though I gather the snow is current.)

Meanwhile, down at the Caloosahatchee Celtic Festival, two weeks ago in Flordia, they were singing about the Holy Land... sleeveless.  Shirtless, even.


Drift back to the fall, and you can hear that piper at something closer to his best... along with a banjo player. I'm not actually in this video, but I easily could have been:  I was right there all day, just not at this very moment.  Several friends of mine pass in and out on the left hand side at times, though you won't be able to tell anything about them, being in the distance as they are.  Still, a pleasant memory.


Texan99 said...

Lots of ventilation in those kilts.

Anonymous said...

Apparently much of the Balkans is unreachable except by ski, snow-shoe or helicopter because of the snow depth. The early part of winter was mild but central, southern and eastern Europe got both halves of winter in late January and early February.

Out here it has alternated mild and "yee doggies that's a cold wind!" But still terribly dry.


William said...

Here is western Germany we have just reached freezing for the first time in just over two weeks. Not much snow though.

William sends.

Grim said...

I did not realize you were in Germany, William. What are you doing over there?