It'll Soon Be Valentine's Day... here's to beauty and horsepower, two of the great loves of my life.

UPDATE:  These two are not of the same type, but I think they are worthy additions.  The first captures the beauty of horsepower (hat tip: BSBFB).  The second, some rising beauties of courage and skill.


bthun said...

Lots of nice old bikes, HD and Brit twins and... Ann Margaret.

*rubs beer goggles with lens cloth so as to objectively reflect on 1960's biker chick chic... decides not to, instead hitches up overhauls and heads to beer cooler*

A toast.
To beauty and horsepower!
And horse power!
And fire power!
And electrical power!
And Thermonuclear power!
And to improving the adiabatic efficiency of the internal combustion engine!
And to improved heat transfer and fluid flow from the electorate to the body politic!

*checks quantity of refreshments in beer cooler and decides to shut up*

Grim said...

Hey, it's not Sunday, and it's not quite Lent. Get some more. :)

Russ said...

Bthun, Did you say something after Ann Margaret?

DL Sly said...

*checks quantity of refreshments in beer cooler and decides to shut up*"
"Get some more. :)"

Maybe he's still working on the 'Incremental Indices in Achieving Equine Inebriation' (or 'How much beer does it take to get a horse drunk?') study. There's grant money to be had, Man!

Bob said...