We've just finished our annual fire department fundraiser, with its Mardi Gras theme. We had a parade and everything, but I see from scouting out Mardi Gras and Carnival photos on the web that we're really going to have to up our game. As much time and trouble as we put into our festival, it was a pale, pale effort. It makes me want to start work right now on costumes and floats for next year. This is what I call exuberance.


Grim said...

Now that looks like fun.

Joseph W. said...

Mrs. W. and I watched some of the Sao Paulo and Rio carnival parades (she's taken part in the former, in the past) -- in Rio, one large school had an "England" theme, including a set of dancers dressed like Sherlock Holmes, another set dressed like teacups, and a float featuring St. George and the dragon. (Amongst many, many other things.) The amount of work that must've gone into that was astounding.

Eric Blair said...

Pagan holdovers.

(Notwithstanding that, as Grim says, it looks like fun).

DL Sly said...

Wow, it looks just like Steven Hayward from Powerline describes, "“Carnivale in Brazil is like the Tournament of Roses Parade on LSD.”

MikeD said...

With more half naked women.

Not that there's anything wrong with that!!!