It's Even Worse Over There Than We Feared

I've never heard of Ryan Air before, but it sounds like an Irish/European Southwest Airlines on steroids, relying on no-frills flights, unfashionable airports, and a uniform 737 fleet.

Those of us who don't travel in Europe won't be able to take advantage of Ryan Air's many ten-quid flights. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy this guy tearing the European Commission a new one. H/t Maggie's Farm, which gave this talk the appropriate title: "Why the EU Will Never Again Ask an Actual Innovator to Speak at an Innovation Convention." His explanation of why Ryan Air charges a fee for your checked baggage is priceless.

Margaret Thatcher gave the airline one of its early breaks. The entertainingly snide Wiki article gives detail about the wide variety of preposterous suits that have been brought against this innovative airline, which got one of its early breaks from Margaret Thatcher.

The airline's own website is here.


DL Sly said...

I, too, love the guys reasoning for charging a bag fee.

Grim said...

Sure, but it'll never last. The bards are against it.

bthun said...

"The bards are against it."

Ha! Fecking outstanding.

Now I'm glad I skipped my curmudgeonBgone pill today.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

We've flown Ryanair a few years ago. It is no frills, and not always that cheap, but we've liked it just fine. It is excellent for getting to a place via a secondary airport. for example, Vienna has romance and cachet, but Bratislava is essentially just down the street. Fly Ryanair into Bratislava unless you are staying in downtown Vienna.