Michele Bachmann's Path to Victory

So I got this video via email from the campaign.

It's certainly true that she doesn't waver.  I can't argue against that proposition:  it's why I stopped supporting her.  She doesn't waver even when she's wrong.

Still, consider the argument.  She is who she says she is, at least; and she's no cronyist, and no elite.  I doubt she wins Iowa, but if she does consolidate a strong position early in spite of polling data and what we might expect?  We could do worse, I suppose, in spite of everything.


Mark said...

I would vote for Bachman. She will not win in Iowa. Gingrich is another can of worms. Considering Obama for another four, I would vote for my dog.

Grim, I believe you had an image posting feature on the blog. Has that gone away?

Grim said...

Alas, it was part of the Echo comments system that died (as we were just discussing in the post above). What image did you want to post?

raven said...

Two engines are out. We are low on fuel and behind the power curve. As our airspeed drops it is taking more and more power to maintain altitude. We apply full power and raise the nose. The stall warning is howling. The stick buffets madly. Hanging on the edge of a stall, we keep losing altitude , over the mountains.
Out of altitude, out of airspeed, and out of ideas.
We are going down, and need to select someone to take the left hand seat in an aircraft that is doomed.
Who do you want the passengers to blame? This is what we seem to be discussing.
There is no possibility of electing a truthful politician- speaking truth would destroy their careers.

Mark said...

Well, aside from being a shameless trollop on self promotion:


Let me know how to send it and it will be yours.

Grim said...

You can post the links here, and I'll be happy to point readers to it. Not that I have very many readers, mind you. :) I'm afraid it'll be less self-promotion, and more showing a small circle of friends what you're interested in doing.