An Excellent Sign for 2012

Now this was a particularly clever idea for a pollster:  ask Americans which historical President they wish they could bring back to lead the country at this time.
Thirty-six percent of those polled said they wanted the Gipper to lead America out of the economic crisis, while 29 percent picked Roosevelt. Thomas Jefferson came in third place with the support of 14 percent of those polled, followed by Roosevelt’s successor Harry Truman at 8 percent.
Harry Truman is an interesting choice -- I wonder if that eight percent isn't chiefly drawn from people alive at the time Truman was president, since he isn't a figure who is well known for bringing the nation out of an economic downturn.  Reagan v. FDR shows us that a plurality of Americans have their heads in the right place:  nearly four in ten understand what is needed.  Only about one in three are hoping the government will save them, instead of wanting the government out of the way of private action.

We can't fault the 14 percent who chose Jefferson, as Jefferson would be a good choice at any time.  No Andy Jackson, though?  No Teddy?


MikeD said...

"No Teddy?"

I think that's entirely due to the fact that if you brought Teddy back from the dead, we'd be completely unable to put him back once we were done. Death got him once, but that's only because it caught TR napping. He'd be ready this time.

Grim said...

Good point!

E Hines said...

An interesting poll as far as it goes, but choices are limited by the question.

Also, oddly, when I cast my vote just a minute ago, the results now favored Roosevelt over Reagan by 43%-33%. Maybe one side is outstacking the other. And the results don't match the displayed graph.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

Too many people may only recall A. Jackson from Johnny Horton's song. Although one would think that his reputation as a central-bank-buster would give him a more favorable position in the polls!


douglas said...

One percent for William Henry Harrison? Really?

How about Calvin Coolidge?