A Sikh Lord

If any of you wish to move to India and devote your lives to becoming the last living master of a Sikh martial art, there is apparently an opening.

The Sikhs practice a particularly honorable religion, which I admire though it is not my own.  It would delight me to know that one of you wished to undertake this quest, though it would have to be because it was right for you.  It will be greatly demanding for whomever accepts the challenge.

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MikeD said...

How can you say this!!! The Siths were an AWFUL people who twisted the true teachings of the Jedi and did great evil to the galaxy! Not the least of which was the Slaughter of the Younglings at the Jedi Temple and the utter and total destruction of Alderaan! The Sith Lords were awful people and... what? Sikh? Not Sith?



- Emily Litella