Memories of Summer

Another summer is gone.  I did not much enjoy this last one, but that is a failing of mine; I should have done better with what I was given.  I did my best.  A son of Georgia does not love the summer as much as those further north in any case.

Yet it is gone, and with it that part of our lives that shall never return.  The autumn lies ahead, and for Southerners that is a fine thing:  cold cider and warm fires, and the turning of the leaves.  Still, for what I should have done and have not done, should have thought and have not thought, should have felt and have not felt, I pray thee mercy, Lord.


E Hines said...

There's a saying in the flying world: the two most useless things to a pilot are the sky above him and the runway behind him.

So it is with all of us, generally: the most useless thing to any of us is the time past. Or as Satchel Paige once said, "Don't look back: something might be gainin' on you."

For all that we can learn from the past. And I enjoyed the summer here in Texas: it was comfortably warm, in the 100s quite frequently. But my wife insists I'm just getting adapted for my hereafter. What I dread are winters. There's a reason I'm from the Midwest.

As to the cold cider, you can always have that, in this modern world. And reasonably freshly brewed, too. Though processed cider--applejack, for instance--stores better.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

Ah, the first day we can open our windows and air out the house! The week we can begin to enjoy sitting out on the porch again. The season when we can begin our fall planting, and even do garden work without risking heatstroke. Our growing season mostly begins now and lasts until about June next year.

This year, we particularly look forward to the break in the drought that fall normally brings. We could use a good ten-inch rain.