A Wonder, Of Sorts

Thank you, Ms. Garofalo, for your kind opinion of your fellow Americans.

The thing is, I think there is a funny parallel within the GOP to Ms. Garofalo's reading.  The thing behind the "Herman Cain can't win" concept is that Republicans also assume that some racist sentiment will keep Cain from winning.  The lesson of the Florida straw poll is that, actually, once people get together they realize that he has an extraordinary amount of support.  Once people realized that their fellow Republicans weren't as racist as they expected them to be, Cain won in a walk.

The shock, apparently even to Republicans, is that there is very much less racism within the Republican party than they expected to find.  Everyone feared everyone else, but in the end, it proved that their hearts were all in the right place.

That was surely a wonder:  like the coming of dawn after a long night.


MikeD said...

I've given this much thought, and I think at least SOME of the "Herman Cain can't win" is a vicious cycle with fundraising. Because people think he can't win, he doesn't raise enough money, which in turn means it's harder for him to actually win. Currently, that's his largest handicap. The cash.

Dad29 said...

The Milwaukee paper's All Things Racist columnist has suggested that the TEA Party is bumping Cain's numbers as a 'cruel joke.'

douglas said...

I don't think people saying Cain can't win is any different than when they were saying McCain is finished last year- they just didn't think he had a chance- color having nothing to do with it, except perhaps green.

Of course, we know how the McCain story went.