At the Feed and Seed

We went by the Feed and Seed today to buy wormer for the horses.  While we were there, Ms. Grim was asking them if they would get peanuts in, because she thought she might try them for her garden next year.  The shop owner avowed he thought he might have some in the spring, if she wanted to come back.

"Will they grow well?" she wanted to know.

"Oh, peanuts grow well in Georgia," he said.  "Especially down in South Georgia.  Jimmy Carter made peanut farming famous."

Now that's a perfect intro, I thought, so I said, "I hear that Herman Cain is from Georgia, too."

"Is that right?" the owner said.

"Who's Herman Cain?" the wife asked.

The owner said, "He's a presidential candidate.  You need to know his name, because he's the one you need to vote for if he gets on the ballot."

This is a farm supply shop in a rural county in North Georgia, which produces mostly timber and cattle.  If Herman Cain has won the hearts of these people, there is no reason he can't be President.


Anonymous said...

Herman's been a rock for the Tea Party. His 9-9-9 plan is bold and practical. I think he's going to draw many independents and younger voters. I still think Perry has the best record for the job, but Herman could be the guy for the time.

I enjoyed Dennis Miller's interview with Mr. Cain.

The 9-9-9 plan would eliminate all Federal tax credits and special deductions as well as Medicare & FICA withholding. I think that would strengthen the 10th Amendment and States Rights more than any other proposal I've heard. It gets rid of the product our crooked pols are selling. Any fix to the existing tax system just alters who's buying and selling favors but won't rein in Federal control.

Anonymous said...

That is very interesting, Grim.

A feed store in rural Georgia ... I find that very you say, if can win these people over...

Herman Cain has been my pick ever since I heard he was running. I've liked him ever since I heard him speak on April 15, 2009.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Cain interview with Chris Wallace today?
Here it is.

MikeD said...

Thanks for that OS. I hadn't seen it. Once again, this man impresses me. He's speaking from experience when he talks about turning an economy around, he's done it in the business world saving failing businesses. He's not speaking from the perspective of a policy wonk who has these "brilliant" ideas that they've never gotten to apply, but they just KNOW will fix everything. This man CAN and SHOULD win.