Busy Week

Busy Week:

Here at the undisclosed location, it's been a very busy week. I apologize for not being around more, but certain events have kept me engaged.

I trust you are all well. How about a little doom and gloom to take your mind off it?

Their methods are scientific and philosophical, and they all come down to trying to understand what all those zeroes in numbers like “6 billion” really mean. Scientists now have firmly grounded hypotheses about how Earth and the solar system will be different in 50 million years, for example, as distinct from 500 million or 50 billion, and can rule out some possibilities for what will happen at each point. Armed with data from history, they can use rough computer models to simulate how human populations might rise and fall, how their technology might accelerate, and how thousands or millions of years of human activity might or might not change the planet.

Most important, they’re systematically analyzing for the first time the worryingly numerous ways in which humanity might fail to survive to see that long future.
Isn't that what the girl says in the Terminator? "Look on the bright side -- in a hundred years, who's going to care?"

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