Followup on Masculinity:

Professor Althouse wrote about this:

That's the last sentence of his essay! Come on, Ezra! Real men don't use semicolons. And more than that: Say what you have to say. Don't pussyfoot around. I think you mean:

We are the Mommy Party. Let's own it. Let's do it! The home game is knitting and cooking and putting bandaids on booboos.
I was going to say that I thought she was being a little harsh, and reiterate that gentle natures could be valuable -- as the post below mentions, John Wayne portrayed how it could sometimes save a young and reckless man who would otherwise be destroyed. It is just that such classes have to be protected. You need the President to be a marshal, in part so that you can have the benefit of Quakers. They could not otherwise exist.

Then I read Mr. Klein's latest:
Earlier, I asked for a better term than "soft power".... Reading through all this, though, I'm not sure the term can be saved. The problem isn't just the "soft" part, it's the "power."
So, point to Professor Althouse. "The problem isn't just the 'soft'... it's the 'power.'"

I don't think we're going to do well against the evils of the world with that attitude. If this is emblematic of the "Obama best and brightest," is it too late to save the Clinton candidacy?

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