White Cross

Knights of the White Cross:

The Commissar thought he was being ironic.

Here now is the latest of the pro-Denmark images, a cause I am bound by my heart to support. The image is from The Dissident Frogman:

Did you know that the white cross on a red field is a symbol of particular import for the Crusades? This flag which has become the symbol of freedom of speech and conscience is not just the flag of Denmark. It was, and is, the flag of The Knights Hospitaller.

It won't be forever before the wrathful of the Muslim world notice this. Fate has brought us to where we thought we would not go: we now openly ride under a Crusader's flag.

Deus vult, must we not say? This was unplanned, and not even imagined: but here we are. There will be no going back from this.

I suggest you all prepare for what Fate has brought us. We remain free to choose what we will do with the legacy that this flag will bind to our cause. If we are to be Crusaders, let us take the Cross in righteousness. What does that mean? Forgiveness, mercy, humility, charity: and fearlessness in the face of the foe. All those things are the rightful heritage as I read it.

Like it or not, that heritage is now ours to bear. We no longer have the choice of casting it away. We have lifted this flag from the earth, and now it is ours to carry.

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