Supporting the Troops:

Certain recent discussions have reminded me of a number of things we've done over the last few years. Grim's Hall has participated in various fundraisers and charity exercises; and I've also participated in several wagers with other members of the blogosphere, forfeits to be made to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

Yet I haven't made an effort to gather the links for this into one place. I'm starting a links section called "Support the Troops," on the sidebar. I've put a few of the folks we've supported there; but I suspect you know some others who haven't been part of our enterprise. If you'd like to suggest a link, add it in the comments. It needs to be (a) a charity, and (b) primarily oriented toward supporting the deployed troops themselves, the success of their mission, or the families of those injured or lost in the service.

We've been doing this on an ad-hoc basis all along. It is worthwhile to formalize it somewhat, and endorse organizations we know to be honorable and devoted to these good men and women who make up our military.

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