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Holly's Book:

I knew that Holly Aho was a wonderful person, because of the work she does on behalf of our servicemen. Still, a wonderful person can sometimes be totally insufferable, as anyone with a nice old aunt/grandmother, the one who likes to go on and on with her slideshows about the last trip to Thailand, can tell you.

It's always a pleasure to realize that a wonderful person is also someone you would probably really like:

And...I'm such a dork. I was so tickled pink I had to take a picture of myself with my book. So here I am, trying to figure out how to take a good picture of myself, and I decided to try using my webcam and then taking screenshots from the short film.... So anyways I ended up with 10 of these darn pics. I was just going to share the best one, so you could see me and my book, but I'm going to be an even bigger nerd and share 3 of them.
Via Greyhawk, who asks a very good question.

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