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Ward Churchill:

I haven't had anything to say about our Mr. Churchill, whose behavior is self explanatory. However, Bad Eagle does have something to say which I hadn't heard before. Apparently, Mr. Churchill's ties to the American Indian Movement go back to to the 1973 Wounded Knee incident, about which you may have heard.

During the course of my education, I have met two of the principles of that incident. They claimed that they bore rifles for AIM during that brief period when it felt bold enough to take on the US Army. The sentiments expressed by Mr. Churchill would not have been out of place in their own mouths. They were Lakota, which falls under the Sioux side of the feud Bad Eagle cites as the one that once supported Churchill.

All this makes me think that Mr. Churchill -- whatever the facts of his genetics -- is a more authentic member of AIM than their disavowal of him would suggest.

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