The Real Thing:

If you want to hear a real story about an American fighting man and an Iraqi child, check out BlackFive. Some of you may remember it, as this is a followup post. There is new information, however:

BTW, and this is an important message, to the twenty-two reporters who routinely visit this site and requested the contact information for Gunny Francis, but, when it took me too long to get back to you, you couldn't believe the story...refused to believe it based on the word of a Colonel...and sent your skepticism along with some nasty remarks...I put the Gunny in contact with the ONLY journalist who wasn't a total @#$% about it.
So: bad news about soldiers and children, run without checking the facts; good news about soldiers and children, don't run even after verifying the details with an O-6, and be nasty about it to boot.

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