You will recall that the Serbian Prime Minister was recently assassinated. He was most famous for turning his predecessor, Slobodan Milosevic, over to the International Criminal Court for prosecution on war crimes. One of Slobodan's special friends was the "Unit for Special Operations," which was a part of the police force numbering some 300 men, led by Slobodan's chief bodyguard. Well, today 15 members of that force--which was disbanded some time ago--were arrested for complicity in the murder of the Prime Minister.

But wait! Other members of the police force have jumped into high gear, rounding up some three thousand suspects. Two of these, who these police claim were the actual killers, were shot and killed. Sadly, interrogation of these criminal suspects is now impossible.

Hmm. Major Strausser has been shot. Round up the usual suspects. As for these two, we're not quite sure if they committed suicide, or died trying to escape.

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