The Glories of October

October is my favorite month of the year. The color has only just begun to appear here, and is very far from its eventual glory. The riding weather remains excellent in spite of the sudden drop in temperature following the equinox. My motorcycle is currently in need of a new rear tire -- I noticed cloth showing through on Monday -- but I hope to have it back up and running by Saturday once the new tire is delivered. 

This month contains the nicest weather of the year except for arguably a similar period in the spring. It has the glorious color absent in the spring. It has my birthday and my wife's, Halloween, and all the pleasures of fall. If I'm posting a little less often, it is chiefly because I am out in the weather as much as I can get away from my desk.

In the smoker: Chuck Roast for Carne Asada, Beef Ribs, and some last summer Poblanos being Converted into Anchos


Christopher B said...

My favorite time as well. Time to gather in, take stock, make preparation for the cold time ahead, and renew the faith that there will be laugher, celebration, and then the rebirth.

Anonymous said...

Another autumn fan here. The air cools, the nights grow longer, harvest is in so people can relax a little. Halloween, cider, and when I was in the Midwest, it was Harvest Home with a big feast at church. Color is just starting down here, and won't peak until the end of the month, such color as we have.


Anonymous said...

An October 14th birthday boy here. Cooler weather means, crank those windows open & enjoy the fresh air, chainsaws, hunting, firing up the smoker, no more grass cutting & college football.

And thanking the good Lord for another year ;-)