Abolish Fossil Fuels and Rednecks...

...but not yet


Gringo said...

The view of many on the liberal side of the aisle is that petroleum supply is analogous to water supply: turn or turn off the tap.

As I worked in the oil field, and knew a Canadian who was on his week off the Ocean Ranger when the Ocean Ranger went down, I do not share that view. (About a year after I left a drilling rig in Guatemala, there was a death on a nearby rig from a hydrogen sulfide incursion. We had trained for that possiblity.)

Aggie said...

At the White House briefing, two things have been noted by Biden officials:

1. National Security Advisor states this is a matter to be resolved by the owner, a 'private sector company', who must decide to pay the ransom (or not). Nothing to do with us!

2. Followed up by the Energy Secretary who, with a smirk and a snicker, says they are 'all in' on the efforts to get people moving to clean energy, and notes snottily that if you were driving an electric car, you would be unaffected. And by the way, all drilling permits on Federal lands are hereby a historical artifact.

Meanwhile, in addition to Biden revoking the construction permit to complete the final few segments of the Keystone XL pipeline, the Dakota Access pipeline (Energy Transfer) is having its Permit to Operate harassed and under Environmental review by the Army Corps of Engineers, which could result in it being shut down.

Finally, Governor Retchin' Gretchen Whitmer is (by some accounts) exceeding the authorities of her office attempting to shut down a key Enbridge pipeline which has been in operation for over 60 years and move petroleum between the US and Canada.

They are f*cking with your fuel supply, America. They want your to stop using it. If one does the math, it become increasingly suggestive that freedom of movement is a new sin.

raven said...

50-50 odds this is a deep state attack to cripple free movement, and the "outsider hacker demons " are a complete figment AKA false flag..

Laugh if you will, but it seems to follow the stated goals perfectly.

Grim said...

They’d learn that these rigs move on moonshine too. Still too many rednecks left.

If it’s still going next week, start brewing.

Grim said...

Hell, start now. Worst thing can happen is you end up with moonshine.

J Melcher said...

Fuel from moonshine,
is very fine.
But gas from wood
Is also good.


Lie just a very little and you can argue that Woodgas (Carbon MONoxide) is a safe, renewable, bio-fuel; which the federal government should treat like corn-based gasohol, which is to say, pay people to produce.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Kemp of Ga. said earlier that the Federal Cyber Authorities are not communicating with him about this. Colonial Pipeline is a Georgia Company. I am concerned that the opportunity that DarkSide and its affiliates presented here will become another "crisis too good to waste" for the Democrats.

DarkSide has been careful not to itself hit something that would grab the public's attention and generate pressure. (DarkSide is more of a franchise operation with a software product.) Now, DarkSide, or one of its "partners" has done that. Other Atlanta companies have been hit recently, but it never made the news.

There are people who have the ability to run the maze and identify exactly who the player is who attacked Colonial Pipeline. I bet they could trace it back to the exact location, etc. But they would break a million local, state, federal, and international laws to do it; and for what? They would need motivation and sanction.

When our nascent Republic was getting organized, our shipping was attacked by Pirates. We enlisted Privateers to deal with it, and, in our Constitution to this day is the ability of Congress to authorize "Letters of Marque and Reprisal." Perhaps we should consider doing this in a cyber way, allowing the "Privateer" to keep whatever of the "Pirate's" bitcoin-booty they can lay their hands on, while providing useful grid coordinates ;-)


E Hines said...

allowing the "Privateer" to keep whatever of the "Pirate's" bitcoin-booty they can lay their hands on

I wouldn't touch their bitcoins with their...appendages. The whole point of blockchain is traceability. It would be enough for me to erase their hard drives and to destroy their bitcoin keys. And to cover costs.

Or in the tradition of Banacek or Travis McGee, collect some remuneration from the aggrieved party.

Eric Hines