IPAs of Spring: RANGER!

Today's entry is from New Belgium, which makes a very good porter in their 1554. Their IPA is called "RANGER!!!!!!"... er, "Ranger," named after the friendly beer rangers of the Pacific Northwest. Not the high-speed death machines. Who fight tigers.

(I must have seen that RANGER!!!! video a hundred times in Iraq. People just kept sending it out, or showing it to you when you'd walk into the room because it was new to them. A battalion S-3 who was a ranger had a version made for him by his captains, called "RANGER!!! -- Special Field Grade Edition." Another Major I knew would call out "Ranger!" every time he saw anyone with a fresh haircut.)

I'd place this one right below the Sierra Nevada. It's got almost the same richness of flavor. Someone who likes a drier ale might prefer this one to the Torpedo. Your call.

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