Anybody 'On Strike' Tomorrow?

I asked my wife if she knew that she was supposed to be on strike tomorrow. She said, "No, what's tomorrow?"

"International women's day," I said.

"That sounds like some UN Commie bull****," she might have said.

"Well, you're supposed to refuse to go to work tomorrow," I told her, "and also not to do any work here around the house. It's a way of protesting Donald Trump."

Her response to that was unprintable.

What about those of you around the Hall of the feminine persuasion? Don't take my ferocious wife to be off-putting. Thomas, who met her recently in Dallas, can tell you that she's a woman of her own mind (as well she ought to be). If you've chosen to strike, that's just fine. Feel free to tell us about your reasons, assured of a respectful discussion according to Hall rules.


Texan99 said...

I honestly thought that had already happened. Maybe I'm thinking of the immigrant strike. Not feeling the solidarity just now. Anyway, I don't have a job and don't do enough housework to be missed if I decide to spend the whole day eating bonbons and attending consciousness-raising sessions on whining on Facebook about how nobody appreciates my special femininity.

In other words, pretty much what Mrs. Grim said.

Texan99 said...

Prince Georges County abruptly announced it would shut down its public schools. Make it permanent, sez I. Was it here, or on Maggie's Farm, that someone recently ran that "Yes, Minister" clip about an empty hospital's staff going on strike? "Do, please, go on strike. What harm can it do?" The principal impact will be to make people secure alternative daycare arrangements on short notice, thus drawing attention to the fact that the school has scarcely any other valuable function.

It would be fun to see male substitute teachers brought in en masse, but I sense that the school administrators are all-in with this symbolic gesture and determined to exacerbate the inconvenience. It reminds me of the Obama administrations charming reaction to the government-funding crisis, where short-handed park workers put their effort into setting out orange cones to prevent motorists' use of unmanned scenic overlook areas adjacent to highways.

DL Sly said...

Baseball season hasn't even started yet! Pitchers and catchers just reported a week or so ago, I doubt that there are many strikes being thrown right now.
Yes, I see a lot of those being thrown all across the country.
Bless their tiny little hearts.

Anonymous said...

Nope. I have a job to do, students to teach, and need to gather some supplies to donate to the fire-relief efforts currently in progress (Tri-state fire acerage is brushing 1,000,000 acres since Monday). And a lawnmower to reclaim from the shop, although I wouldn't mind them keeping it until the grass goes dormant in November or so.


Tom said...

I look at the strike as a holiday for conservatives, libertarians, and other sane folk to get a break from the crazy progressive princesses. Let's encourage more of this!

Tom said...

And, I can certainly vouch for Grim's wife both being independent minded and also a congenial conversationalist. Don't let Grim convince you otherwise.

Cassandra said...

Idiots. The only consolation is that this time I didn't see any morons dressed up like a uterus.

Oh, and DC traffic was uncharacteristically light.

douglas said...

Curiously, here in typically wacko L.A. I noticed exactly no difference from any other day.

Go figure.

Grim said...

I also didn't hear of anyone actually striking. Even my several feminist philosopher friends all worked, as far as I can tell.

Cassandra said...

To the extent that I "identify as a woman", I'm so embarrassed by this nonsense.

You can't demand respect. You can earn it, though, and pitching a hissy fit because you haven't made the case in a convincing manner doesn't strike me as likely to convince skeptics.

You also can't demand that people treat you well. The best you can do is refuse to have anything to do with them if they don't. The whole value proposition you're holding over their heads is that the other person is better off with you on their side.

That seems oddly lacking, here.

Ymar Sakar said...

Cuba has already proven that humans are wrong. You can throw a hissy fit and convince the skeptics. Mostly because Che hanged them and cut them up already, so they aren't an issue any more.

Then there's Jimmy Carter and Iran. How easily humans like to forget what their compatriots and ancestors have done, for reasons as little as convenience.