I Think We're All About There

Milo decided on an obscene response to a "triggered" protester.

I was raised to be a gentleman, and for the most part I still am gentle with people. However, the last couple of years have been very draining on my patience for some of this nonsense. It is more of a struggle to be courteous than it once was, though I still try.


Anonymous said...

That was cute, and in their own context, what the denizens of the The_Donald subreddit are pleased to call "shitposts" are amusing.

However, those expressions of flamboyance lack persuasive force unless they are supported by more thoughtful, classically-organized, well-founded, well-reasoned pieces.

For example, this cartoon

Never, ever, mess with a cartoon frog.

needs the context of articles like this

and this

to make sense.

So, I would counsel that you should keep your habitual good manners and complex prose. As for me, I can peel paint wearing heels and hose, without using any cuss words. Doing this can be an educational experience for the kiddies. To raise them up right, sometimes you need to show them how it's done.


PS, the silly, Trump-supporting Redditors were tickled pink to see the article from The Hill

E Hines said...

I think he was quite gentlemanly, a single bad word notwithstanding. He addressed his...interlocutor...quite respectfully, with such salutations as "Madam" and "darling" and "thank you." He even spoke to her--a most respectful gesture--in language she was sure to find easy to comprehend: her own.

And this gentlemanly behavior toward her was despite her naked attack on his right to speak and her naked attack on the audience's right to choose for themselves what speech they would hear.

In the end, too, the lady plainly was enjoying his gentleman's attention to her; she was all smiles and waves as she was escorted out.

Eric Hines

Ymar Sakar said...

Milo's performance is popular with certain generations, because it's just a better form of reality tv. Especially since people are members of this war, not merely observers any more.