Days of Our Lives

Does it strike anyone else as strange that we're watching a for-real national saga in which the President is being prosecuted by a man who is best friends with the star witness in the case against the President, while that star witness has just started profiting off a book tour that will be more successful insofar as the prosecution seems serious? Doesn't that seem like an ethical issue to anyone? As far as I can tell, the main concern (even among members of the President's party) is protecting the investigation.


Tom said...

Yeah, there's all kinds of insanity going on right now. It's difficult for me to believe that the same people who are taking the Trump-Russia collusion story so seriously were so perfectly happy to ignore Hillary's hundred or so felonies in conducting affairs of state through a private server.

However, the Republican failure to repeal Obamacare said a lot. My conclusion is that a number of Republicans in Congress are probably hoping the Mule will find something and rid them of that troublesome priest, er, president, so they're happy to support the fishing expedition.

I do wonder what's happening with all the Republican decisions not to run again. It doesn't bode well for November.

Dad29 said...

The R quitters see the handwriting on the wall. It is not (necessarily) that the R majority will disappear.

It is rather that the Ruling Class of yore will disappear.

The old Gentlemen's Club of the Mutual Enrichment is being sundered and disemboweled by Trump and a number of like-minded Congress-critters.

Paul Ryan is NOT one of the "mutual enrichment" schemers, by the way. But he's a Jack Kemp disciple and Kemp-ism proved to be Pollyanna-ism. It simply cannot prevail in D.C.

Texan99 said...

We have a little miniature drama in my small town over a prosecutor so embroiled in a personal feud with a police officer that she won't prosecute the department's cases. This is in its eighth month. She cooked up an implausible story about being worried that she'll wrongfully convict someone and be subject to liability for it. The story doesn't hold up to the most casual investigation. Many of my neighbors, however, blithely take her word for it. These are not stupid or crazy people. It's very discouraging to see what a paltry part reason and justice play in the public's views of the controversy. Most people simply can't be bothered to look carefully at it.

Ymarsakar said...

Trum hasn't touched the Federal Reserve, let alone disemboweled them. This is merely them pretending to fight the Deep State.

This situation isn't so much insane as it is merely so normal that when people wake up and realize it is real, there arises a problem. The sane is the insane, and the insane is the sane.

People take stories seriously because they were ordered to take it seriously.