We've Got Next!


douglas said...

I think it's time SNL embraced outsourcing.

Texan99 said...

I saw this yesterday; it cracked me up. Especially the digs at the Danish and German languages ("they don't even have real words"). So it's funny despite its total inability to distinguish between "America First" and "America the only country with any value."

Ymar Sakar said...

"America First" is similar to a lot of the right wing nationalist rhetoric people are scared of in the Europes.

They're pulling a plug on that fear and tension with this propaganda light dig at another propaganda sheet vid.

It's similar to the hypothetical spoof videos of Confederates, Sherman Atlanta burnings, and KKK beatings and lynches, if one could make them without totally Duffeling the caricatures.

It's a good production all in all. Probably beyond the primitives back in 1830. The best thing the old guard could pull was homosexual gay jokes, precisely because people were afraid of homosexuals as abherrant or abnormal. Although AIDs justified that in the eyes of many.