FBI Director: Yeah, "Security Inquiry" is Not A Thing

Today's good news:  Director Comey confirms that this is a criminal investigation.

Yesterday's bad news:  The Department of Justice's top employees have donated $75,000 to Hillary Clinton for this year's election.

That's quite an investment in her future.

An independent counsel would seem to be indicated as the only reasonable course of action.


E Hines said...

The headline is misleading. Comey in fact did not call it a criminal investigation, only an investigation.

Eric Hines

Christopher B said...

Eric, to paraphrase an old movie line, what other kind of FBI investigation is there? Yes, Comey didn't say 'criminal' but he also clearly wanted to point out that this isn't some sort of audit, or after action review, or root cause analysis as it has been characterised by various groups.

E Hines said...

Civil rights investigations, which likely aren't applicable here, other than color of law abuse--which is more civil than criminal, anyway.

Counterintelligence, which could be purely intel and info gathering--and which could be directly applicable here.

Given Comey's and Lynch's view of things, along with their boss' view of things, a counterintel investigation could be the cover for not indicting or pursuing criminal action.

Eric Hines