Building Your Own Echo Chamber

In which a progressive is shocked by support for the NRA, and somehow realizes why.


raven said...

The money quote-
"The researchers also found that "liberals tend to be connected to fewer friends who share conservative content than conservatives who tend to be linked to more friends who share liberal content." No wonder I found my classmate's dissenting view so odd."

And that is why, Betsy, those of us who hold conservative ideas can predict what you believe so well- because you have locked yourself in an idea box with a slot that only your leftist masters can put suggestions into. My conservative friends may or may not agree with me on a host of issues- but I would put money down you have EXACTLY the same beliefs on EVERY issue that your ideologically cloned "diverse" friends have. No heresy is tolerated in the truly "diverse".
And yes, Betsy, we DO believe you and your friends are destroying the republic, deliberately, and with malice aforethought.

Anonymous said...


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Key item. Not once in that entire essay did she ever come within 50 meters of considering that she might be wrong on any issue.

Liberals see everything but themselves clearly. And that bends all the rest.

E Hines said...

From Ms Aimee's piece: This made me wonder: Is it really a good idea for internet algorithms to decide to shield things from us?

Can she take the next step, and wonder whether it's really a good idea for government to decide to shield things from us?

Liberals see everything but themselves clearly.

And they so often see that everything else so wrong.

Eric Hines

raven said...

You can convince a conservative they are wrong, using a step by step logical process- or at least get them to reconsider and think it over.

This is a process that is entirely lacking in a leftist. Oh, they will SAY they are logical, and their minds are open, but confront them on anything using logic and they will slip into emotion, distraction, invective in a second. If logic boxes them in, rather than come to the inescapable conclusion, they will change the subject to some tangentially related topic, all the while claiming it is somehow relevant to the issue at hand. They are masters of logical fallacy's.
And, not only will they dismiss an argument on ideological grounds, but they will dismiss an argument that is directly confirmed by their own experience. I know many leftists who would never run their own life or finances they way they advocate for the government to run ours.

They repeat, what they have been told by their masters, without question. This is why they are such adamant believers in BIG GOVERNMENT, run by their masters. The truly amazing thing is how quickly they can shift -when the master issues a new proclamation,it is out with the old and in with the new mantra of the week.

douglas said...

Leftists, yes, but there are still quite a few people out there who would be old school liberal democrats, but have pushed leftward with the tide. They still hold to some of the old common sense, and it's there that you can plant seeds of doubt about the left proper and what they're doing to the country. I do this all the time, as I have plenty of opportunity out here in L.A. Scratch the surface, and you can find some shared discontent with big government's intrusions into our lives, or the fact that people really do want security and a presence in the world that can help insure that. It's usually the 'feel good' issues- helping the disadvantaged, etc. that pull them to stick with the Democrat party, even though they live their lives in a much more conservative way then they'd see expected of the poor unfortunate souls the left uses to feel good about themselves.

I thought this was interesting in the piece:
"users "tend to aggregate in communities of interest, which causes reinforcement and fosters confirmation bias, segregation, and polarization."
This not only create political/ideological bubbles, but can allow people to find groups that let them think their abnormalities are actually normal and fine. Nambla comes to mind as an example.

Ultimately, this is why I try not to let the internet know anything about me, and revel when the sidebar ad's are so obviously and ridiculously targeted to some website keyword that I recently came across- it's because they haven't been able to build a 'profile' of me enough to make it more targeted.

Ymar Sakar said...

Leftists belong in the same death cult. They follow the same dogma and chain of command. That is why their behavior and communities often reflect the homogeneity of a Christian community, since the Leftists often use Christian heresy as part of their dogma.

Even the so called moderates, will regenerate their Faith and successfully suppress and kill their conscience, once they confess their sins to another ranking Leftist, and they are absolved of this sin, so long as they promise to never pay attention to the evil whispers of a US Patriot or Rush Limbaugh type again. The so called "moderates" can feel doubt, but they will easily forget about it once they are given enough time to rationalize it.

The ultimate test comes when they are ordered to turn on the righteous and or enemies of the Left. Who will they obey then, their owners and masters or the non Leftist who whispered Doubts into their heart? A fanatic would choose one and only one thing. A moderate might have enough free will to choose. Until that test is applied to them with the power of the rod and the pain of the lash, they are mercurial still.

Ymar Sakar said...

Betsy actually named the Leftist priest figure she confided in. And she was admonished to face her duty as a soldier of the Left, instead of retreating from the heathens and their rhetoric.

That is part of their "collective" war effort. She does not have the luxury of staying in the backlines observing things. Not if she wants her activist title maintained.