Federalism: Still A Long Way To Go

If you are a lover of the Constitution, and especially if you are the kind of Constitutionalist who takes originalism and/or the 10th Amendment seriously, this Pew poll contains a little good news and a lot of bad news. The good news is that Americans have a very low opinion of the Federal government, and are open to stripping it of some of the powers it currently exercises. The bad news is that majorities still think the Federal government should have "a major role" in tons of things that the Constitution intended to leave to the states.
Fully 80% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say they prefer a smaller government with fewer services, compared with just 31% of Democrats and Democratic leaners.

Yet both Republicans and Democrats favor significant government involvement on an array of specific issues. Among the public overall, majorities say the federal government should have a major role in dealing with 12 of 13 issues included in the survey, all except advancing space exploration.
Oddly, not even a third of Republicans and Republican leaners say they are angry with the Federal government, which they certainly have cause to be. Only half of this group thinks the Federal government runs its programs poorly, which may be even stranger for the party of Reagan in the wake of the VA scandal, the complete failure to enforce immigration laws, the Obamacare debacles -- think how much fun it must be to be one of those millions who have lost their health care plan twice due to Obamacare and its collapsing "marketplaces" -- the foreign policy embarrassments, the Justice Department's failure to prosecute crimes for politically favored individuals, the Fast & Furious scandal, the IRS-stalking-conservatives scandal, the....

You have to assume people just aren't paying attention.


Ymar Sakar said...

This is almost the same argument between Trump supporters and Carson/Fio/Cruz/Palin supporters.

Trump pro wing wants a dictator to counter the tyrant Hussein, using similar powers and "effectiveness". That's not going to save America, but the gen that grew up after 2001, don't even like America as it is nor were they taught what happened before, so to them this is how things always were like.

Some of the anti Left Trump wing, even fell for the Bush=Hitler propaganda, but now that their goose is being cooked by SJWs, they want their own "fascist" to counter the other "fascists".

Your intel network is too election focused, Grim, which is why you don't see the patterns explaining the dichotomy or rather inconsistency.

Bringing everything and the kitchen sink to analyzing and parsing the data, would produce more results that make more sense. Even in the iphone era of online information, in 2006 people really "didn't pay attention". The Left still had a major share of the propaganda penetration in the market. Fox News isn't enough. If FN controlled all the air ways, it still wouldn't be enough.

When people are desperate, they fall for the "Great Man" trick. The home of the brave normally wouldn't do that. But as people said before, George Washington was a fluke, a happy result from chance or divine protection.

MikeD said...

I am hardly "angry" at the government. It's like being angry at the weather. Instead, I am angry at individuals who ought to know better but do things they know to be wrong anyway.

Ironically, if you asked me right now, which Presidential candidate I think is most honest, and most respectable, I would honestly say Bernie Sanders. Mind you, I also think he is the single worst candidate and that his anti-capitalist economic beliefs are abhorrent. But I think he is a good and decent man who honestly believes his ideas will be the most beneficial to society. He just happens to be wrong. All the other candidates currently running have issues I disagree with and many I believe are just saying whatever they think will get them past the primaries (Ted Cruz possibly excepted, I'd be interested to see how he plans on picking up the swing voters in the general). The worst of the lot, obviously, is the un-indicted criminal Hillary Clinton.

But am I angry at the government in general? No. Annoyed certainly, and disappointed as well. But not angry.

Grim said...

"Frustrated" was also an option, in addition to 'basically content.'

I think anger is justified. The government isn't just the weather, and it's pretty clear that large segments of it have violated their duties -- both to the Constitutional limits on their authority, and their more specific duties. When I see CENTCOM whistleblowers who felt the need to wreck their careers in order to bring light to the intelligence manipulation going on to serve the agenda of a dissolute President, that angers me. When I see the Justice Department not only failing to enforce the laws -- on Lois Lerner, on Clinton, on Fast and Furious, etc -- that makes me angry. There's a deep rot in the civil service, and not just the elected branches.

And as for the Supreme Court...

Ymar Sakar said...

Grim, you know all those military officers that got "retired" from the military when Hussein took power?

You might want to do a data analysis when they suddenly all "disappear" at the same time.

Whether cadre training or otherwise, it's a pattern that leads to a conclusion. Oh well, the military's loss is the citizen's gain.

A lot of cadre will be needed to train a hundred million Americans.

Ever hear what a sniper said about how to conduct 4th gen warfare? He was talking about using sniper setups with remote controlled wireless firings, in order to counter the fact that a two man sniper team needs to continue moving to avoid detection.

DC was shut down with 2 Muslims. That's the contemporary comparison.