Some of These are Good Lessons

25 skills dad should teach, which of course means that dad better know them himself.

On the topic, Cass has a video today.


E Hines said...

If you're asked for help opening a jar, you damn well better open it. ... For extra traction, wrap the lid in a kitchen glove.

Especially the glove bit, and on the jar hand. My grandfather, or so I was told, was asked by my grandmother to open a fruit jar from her prior year's canning. So he did. The lid was stubborn, so was he, and his grip was strong. He crushed the glass jar in his hand.

Grandmother was more irritated at the loss of the canned fruit than she was worried about his hand.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

Fair enough. Skin grows back!

DL Sly said...

See, now my grandmother would have picked the good pieces out and used them. Got a bit of crunch in that peach there, Sly? Oh it's probably just part of the pit.
Depression-era folks were tough.

Ymar Sakar said...

Another reason society's restraits on masculine protectors are causing more violence, not less.

The feminist and homosexual concept is that masculinity is a gender that can be surgically added, like the combat tab for females in the US military.

raven said...

I would have to toss in "how to sharpen a knife" and "why boys should always carry a pocket knife".