Viking Boat Burial Found in Scotland

This is excellent news!

The five metre-long (16-foot) grave, thought to contain the remains of a high-status Viking, was discovered at a site estimated to be 1,000 years old. 
The Viking was buried with an axe, a sword and a spear in a ship held together with 200 metal rivets.
Archaeology being a slow study, we can expect details to come out over time. Keep an eye out!


raven said...

This is cool! Slightly OT but related- Have you seen the newly made replica of the Sutton Hoo sword in the British Museum? Some American bladesmith made it, referring to the X-ray info available- a real sweet piece of work.

Grim said...

No, I have not. Do you have a link?

Lars Walker said...

Not one of the best burials from an archaeological point of view, as I understand it (too deteriorated), but significant for several reasons.

Check out this article from The Scotsman, especially the list of clans with Norse names:

One they don't mention is MacLeod, from the Norse name "Ljot."

Grim said...

Ah, yes, "Son of Ugly." A large and well-known clan!

raven said...

The Sutton Hoo replica sword was forged by Scott Lankton, of Ann Arbor MI.

go to the sculpture gallery, at the very bottom.
I also admire his lovely architectural iron work, check out the "Tribute to Edgar Brandt" for a really nice piece of Art Deco work.