White Shoes, Silver Britches

Mighty Bulldogs, SEC Champions.


Anonymous said...

Ohio state, Big 10 east, 8-1 records
Better team


Grim said...

We'll never know, since they didn't make the playoffs.

douglas said...

When someone says "better team", it's because they might be on paper, but they didn't do what they needed to do on the field. That's why they play the games. I think they are better than Alabama, but Georgia showed what a champion team looks like in that rematch against Auburn- they learned, adjusted, and came back hungry and hard, and didn't just beat them, they dominated them- made a first rate team look almost second rate. It was an impressive win, and in all facets- special teams, offense both on the ground and in the air, and particularly defense- I hope they keep going- Go Dawgs!