The Political: Not So Personal

Hot Air looks at a study on the recent campaigns for President, and it finds that Hillary Clinton's was run in almost entirely personal terms. Oddly enough, the Trump campaign was far more policy-oriented both in its positive message and its criticisms of its opponent's.


Ymar Sakar said...

Trum's team got a lot of their policies from grassroots Republicans, to convince the Republicans that he was no longer a Demoncrat.

As a result, they adopted some pretty non orthodox solutions and grabbed the populist by the heart. Trum may have missed grabbing other things, but not this one.

What people don't like noticing is that the Trum campaign only started doing the Kickstarter light community surveys when it looked like Trum was winning against Cruz before RNC. They didn't do it in the beginning, when Trum contacted his friend and buddy HRC about the Presidential elections.

Eric Blair said...

Make America Great Again.

I'm with Her.

Slight difference in emphasis, to be sure.