Liberty By Law

You missed it the first time, America. Try it again.

This is the point. This is the thing you should be aiming for. They sorted out the basics in Anno Domini 1215.


raven said...

In the spirit- the tree is so evocative of the Beechs of Avebury.
The arrows speak for themselves as they always have.

N.C.Wyeth really did a fine job of illustrating Robin Hood. Curiously, I bought this book not two weeks ago for a young and distant nephew, hoping to dilute the PC crap that passes for education these days.

Ymar Sakar said...

I am often reminded of King David or King Solomon. The Jewish people often demanded that they be given a king, even though the prophets and God himself passed the message of what it would cost them. The people still clamored and demanded a king, like other nations, even though things would be better run by religious and judge councils (oligarchies of the wise, such as Plato's Republic).

One of the weirder things with Solomon or David, is how the Old Testament records their vices and weaknesses, their eventual downfall in the eyes of God.

Tom said...

Raven, thanks for that link. I don't remember hearing of NC Wyeth before, but I like his work. I might get the Robin Hood he illustrated for myself.