Words versus Deeds

Clinton stories from the last few hours:

* Orlando shooter's father attends Clinton rally, seated right behind her.

* Clinton's reckless handling of national security information in emails leads to execution of American agent in Iran.

* Parents of Benghazi victims sue Clinton for contributing "to the death of both men, as well as defamation and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress."

Trump stories:

* Last ditch GOP effort to kill Trump's candidacy by running an independent candidate who can't even get on all the ballots, but who could cost some swing states.

* Susan Collins announces she will not vote for Trump, citing his "cruel comments."

* Donors for Bush, Christie and Kaisch are turning to Clinton instead of Trump.

* Poll: Clinton has double-digit lead over Trump.

Now, Trump is clearly the anti-establishment candidate left in the race. In a way, the Republican establishment's efforts to destroy him make perfect sense. The Republican establishment feels more secure with the Clinton machine, which is itself a central part of America's political establishment, than with the insurgent voters propelling Trump or Sanders. Clinton is a crony capitalist, and you can get along with her if you're rich and connected and willing to pay (in money or in favors).

That just leaves the rest of us out. We have nothing she needs or wants. And that might be fine, because she has nothing I need or want either. It just can't be fine because of what she will do to the Constitution through the appointment of 'living document' justices, and of what she'll do to American sovereignty through support of deals like the T-TIP and TPP.


Joel Leggett said...

Let me get this straight, Evan McMullen decides to run as an independent and some how that represents an effort by the GOP? Are you serious? Trump's problems are all of his own creation. When your candidate peddles conspiracy theories and regularly engages in social media meltdowns and Twitter feuds don't be surprised when he starts hemorrhaging support. This has far less to do with some nefarious establishment conspiracy than the simple fact that Trump can't stop acting like a clown. People aren't going to vote for Trump, and other politicians won't support him because he behaves like a prepubescent child.

Grim said...

I don't think there's a conspiracy, but there has clearly been a decision taken to support Clinton by many. I think they are reaching this decision independently, as insiders who think of her as a member of the club.

Nevertheless, those of them who are elected officials took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and that's hard to square with a Clinton presidency. She won't repeal it, but it is her clear intention to refuse to enforce the parts she doesn't like -- indeed, to appoint progressive Justices who will read those parts right out of the document, without ever going through any sort of formal repeal. How many of our freedoms will be lost? The 2nd Amendment will follow the 10th, surely. The 1st amendment will be constrained -- she's said openly that she intends to overturn Citizens United in order to impose new speech restrictions on corporations, and "religious liberty" bills are a great enemy of hers. Which other parts of the Constitution will cease to exist?

Trump doesn't deserve anyone's vote, I agree. Clinton is much, much worse as a threat to the fabric of constitutional government and law. It is deeply alarming to think that either of them might become President; it is almost enough to make one despair to think that one of them almost certainly will. Trump represents a very serious gamble. Clinton, certain destruction.

raven said...

Nothing- absolutely nothing- about what Trump said or did ,can be trusted from the Media. If you do not see him actually saying it, it is twisted. The onslaught of lies is astounding. This is tremendously encouraging. When every group I despise attacks someone, I naturally think the person in question may have some good qualities.

second- that seating of the orlando murderers father directly behind clinton is worrisome- does anyone think that is just a coincidence? And where IS the dirtbags wife, anyway? The FBI "lost" her? Sure they did. And the press rummaging through the killers apartment, a day after the murders. And the same thing in San Bernadino.
This stuff keeps coming up. The removal of the words Jihad, Islamic, etc from the CT training doc's. The restraint on observing mosques. The hiring of Islamist extremeists to advise on the CT matters. On and On.
I am starting to think the Islamist's are way,way deeper in the government than we would like to admit.

Grim said...

Well, it's not even "CT" anymore. It's CVE -- "countering violent extremism." The CVE Working Group is led by the UAE and the UK, but it is implementing memoranda negotiated in Ankara and Abu Dhabi, in partnership with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.


raven said...

Grim, the list needs updating..