Nathan Deal is 2 for 2

With today's veto of campus carry, Nathan Deal -- Republican Governor of Georgia -- reminds us of why the Republican Party is about to die nationwide. People turn to folks like Trump because the professionals have shown that they cannot be trusted. In this election, Governor Deal has personally betrayed the people who voted for him with vetoes on the two issues they cared most about: the Second Amendment, and religious freedom. The Legislature passed strong, considered legislation on both grounds. Nathan Deal personally killed them both.

When the party dies at the polls in November, and we face decades of a Supreme Court that simply rules conservative opinions unconstitutional, know that it was because of continual betrayals like this. Nathan Deal was once a good man, but his time in Washington with the Republican elite ruined him.

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Ymar Sakar said...

The problem is the people, leaders are merely a reflection of what people deserve.

In 1865, the Republican party demonstrated its loyalty to their brand and promises. That didn't mean anything to people who wanted Demoncrat slave lords back in power however. And people got what they wanted, and the ones who didn't want that, got lynched. Natural state for humanity.