Please Don't Bomb Anywhere Without Some Reason

Thirty percent of Republicans responding to a recent poll approved of bombing a fictional country from the movie Aladdin.


Douglas2 said...

As with other PPP polls, even with the silliness of the question, we can see the actual question and the breakdown of the responses at their site.

My first thought on seeing this on facebook: This article is only telling me about Republicans, but I bet the response for Democrats was only marginally less embarrassing. (It is 19% vs 30%)

My second thought: They insinuate respondents didn't know it was a fictional place, but given how many people of both parties acknowledge that they would kill Barney the purple dinosaur or Elsa from Frozen if given the chance, perhaps it was a thoughtful rational response?

My third thought: Assuming you didn't know where Agrabah was or why the US might be considering bombing it, isn't the only rational response of a non-pacifist to say "I don't know". By this metric some 57% of polled Republicans were rational non-pacifists, vs only 45% of Democratic party supporting respondents.

As it is a PPP Poll, the full questions and response percentages are available to peruse.

Eric Blair said...


Eric Blair said...

Tom said...

Maybe they really didn't like that ride.

Ymar Sakar said...

Polls are propaganda tools designed to manipulate and control public views.

Most people like to think of them as reflections, though. Not only is the smoke and mirrors a mirage, but the thing it obscures is also a mirage.