The Next Wave

Obamacare supporters seem to think that, since the website is mostly working now, and we got past that whole 'you can keep your plan' thing, if they can just get past this next SCOTUS case it'll be clear sailing.

If you can do basic math, you can probably figure out that many small businesses are about to get hit with a penalty of $36,500 per employee through no fault of their own. If you have any familiarity with small businesses, you know that the overwhelming majority of them are simply not going to be able to pay an unforeseen penalty of $36,500 per employee and are going to be forced to simply shut their doors.
Small businesses aren't the last problem either. They pieced out the consequences of this law past 2016 in the hope of avoiding the blowback from the really bad stuff. For that reason, the hits are just going to keep coming. For years.


Ymar Sakar said...

The slaves and peons will Obey the Regime... or else.

They are not celebrating a leader's decisive action that they are proud of. They are abashing themselves in the glory of their God and Messiah, their death cult Dogma.

They do as they are told. They are worth nothing more than that. Certainly not an equal to free men and women.

RonF said...

How many small businesses contributed to Pres. Obama? Vs. how many large corporations and financial institutions did? And how much harder is it to work with a few large corporations than a much larger number of small ones? Don't make the mistake of thinking this is a bug instead of a feature.

Elise said...

My guess is that if there is enough upset about this, the IRS will simply waive the penalty for this go-round, for small businesses and for the individual mandate. Businesses and individuals who complied with the law will feel, rightly, that this is not just but their remonstrances will be characterized as unkind and punitive.

Elise said...

Or, it occurs to me, the Republicans may pass a bill either delaying or permanently repealing the penalties. I'm not sure if that would be clever or really dumb.