Wildlife overpasses

These are cool.


bthun said...

Even though I have a copy of the original Road Kill Cookbook, I believe the critter overpass/underpass to be a good idea, albeit one that is right long in the tooth. I do hate to see all creatures great and small beside the road, ventre montant... The only exceptions that come to mind would be the odd squirrel, and feral hog.

P.S. Tex, my old eyes can't quite make out the watermark on the image, so I can't track down the location of the overpass. Can you tell us where that overpass might be located? Before hunting season? =;^}

E Hines said...

Google is your friend, along with the time to spend.

Googled on "wildlife overpass" and selected Images.

Found the picture and right-clicked it, which took me to http://www.fortytwotimes.com/4298/6-wildlife-overpasses-that-save-the-lives-of-both-drivers-and-animals/ , which had the target image as its lead (my luck).

The text there said it was in the Netherlands, with a link, that took me here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/siebeswart/5981135004/in/photostream/ .

The watermark is SiebeSwart (Siebe Swart), at http://www.siebeswart.nl/ .

Eric Hines

bthun said...

Thanks Mr. Hines!

I don't do google, except for as needed to login at Grim's place... And lately I had very little time to spare.

What I do have are a tad over 30 quarts of bush beans, snapped, 22 quarts of butter peas, 31 quarts of tomatoes, and 12 quarts of The Huns own secret recipe for Picante sauce canned. Not to mention what we've pushed off on neighbors.

Tomorrow, it looks like we've another bushel of beans to pick, plus the peppers and squash are starting to hit overdrive.

Sheesh. I think I'm getting too old for this small scale vegetable gardening stuff. At least on a scale that approaches being as economical as buying directly from the farmer. =8^{

E Hines said...


As ALF once said, that's not food, that's what food eats.

You have a good time. [g]

But then, I'm a guy who didn't get a remote controlled TV for a long time, insisting I'd never get so lazy I couldn't get the wife or daughter to change the channel.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

Bthun, you are the reason I lock my car doors and roll up the windows when zucchini are in season. :)


bthun said...

"you are the reason I lock my car doors and roll up the windows when zucchini are in season. :)"

Do I understand... =8^\

I'd rather be sitting in a tree at the choke point, er, wildlife overpass waiting for Hank and/or Larry, but Walkin' Boss wants the vegetable garden, so...

Texan99 said...

You people! I'd happily take all BT's produce. Our yield hasn't been great this year, except for basil, which we have in abundance.

All I know about the overpass in the picture is what I saw in the link provided, which I found (as usual for stuff I post on Sunday) at Rocket Science.