Slave Markets in Libya

Ironically, President Obama's Libya policy has led to the restoration of slave markets, where West Africans can be bought and sold for a few hundred dollars. (It was really his Secretary of State's Libya policy; but 'the buck stops here.')

Not that I expect to hear anyone from the recent administration accepting responsibility for their role in this outcome, of course.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

If this were in any way tied to a Republican, that would have been slyly worked in to the NYTimes report. There is no mention of Obama or Clinton in the article.

jaed said...

That's how it's most effectively done. Not indignant accusations and defenses front and center, but sidelong mentions when convenient, no mentions when not. It lowers the mental barriers to do it that way.

Ymarsakar said...

Qaddafi was Bush II's ally and helped prevent WMD spread. The Left was never going to forget an ally of their enemy, any more than they forgot about the Yazidi vs their Arab allies. They still remember when Hitler betrayed Stalin.

The problem that people don't get with an organization that thinks in 50 and 100 year plans and marches, is that they tend to have long memories. Even longer than my own.